It seems a crazy thing to comprehend but there is no you as such, it’s far more amazing than that.  The me I used to be is disappearing, revealing our spirituality.  I used to think “I’m me” I am my thoughts, my opinions, desires.  I’m offended, embarrassed, feeling separate and incomplete.  Aware of something else, but just a mystery.

One day I gave myself up-revealed our spirituality,murdoch mysteries s09e0 I experienced I’m not really that me.  I am spiritual - not so defined, I’m not the thoughts, not the body-mind.  I am a part of something vast - of love.  Now I know about it through experience and am offering to share.

We grow possessed by thought, that all started with a name then we learnt a language and we need that too, a wonderful tool, but thought takes over - a natural malfunction, creating the illusion of you in separation, fear, dissatisfaction. - The human condition.

Seeing that changes everything, we are growing in awareness now and can take a step in evolution. - We are not the thoughts any more, we start to realise we are spiritual - this consciousness not thought - it can be realised, nothing needs to be controlled - that would only perpetuate the illusion of you, if there are lots of unnecessary thoughts just see them. When we don’t have to be engaged in thought, just be with the fact that we are other than thought - We have to become more aware.

Our practice is three fold

1 By using the intelect to bring the mind to understanding it’s malfunction - there is no you as such.

2 By reorientating the mind out of feeling - sensation instead of thought, thought will settle down some more.

3 By devotion to the fact that we are all this consciousness not someone.

Follow this blog and build on your! understanding - The mind is the problem but the mind can sort it’s self out.

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  1. Tertia Lotz Says:


    Hi Sunshine. THANKS for letting me have a copy of your book “Fill Your Hole”..!!
    Since you’re my friend, I started reading it with the THOUGHT “How shall I comment on this..?!” in the back of my mind.., but have come to the realisation that this is not a book to focus the mind on and come to rational conclusions about, but rather a book that must be allowed to create its intended effect of going beyond the mind.
    What you want to get across CANNOT be put into words, and yet somehow, THE WORDS, or maybe the intention behind them combined with the loving energy that oozes out of the entire book, magically help to lift the “veil of thought” just a little, but enough to get a feel for what lies beyond, and giving enough of a taste of that to want to just BE too…, and so fullfill their purpose beautifully…. (throughout the book the words “subtle” and “effortless” are keys…)
    The book certainly has that effect on me, and I believe list of tvseries to download will be so for all who are ready to experience this…

    The most profound, beautiful and “out-of-this-world/mind” experience of my life happened six years ago, when I walked slowly, in an as dejected manner as possible, towards the spot where my beloved brother had committed suicide only days before.., and suddenly, witha “whoosh”…, I just WAS- and there was nothing but this love-energy vibrating all around me; I felt “held” from all sides, inside and out, thru and thru.. and in a timeless way.. so familiar… and with a knowing -beyond thought and all doubt- THAT ALL WAS WELL-. felt something “smiling through me”… was part of everything.. I was BLISS… (not “happy”.., “happiness” is a thing of the mind, when certain conditions are fulfilled… BLISS is there always when we tune into it…!! )..
    I cried for joy… and then my thoughts returned and i remember thinking over and over: “How could I have forgotten…!!!”
    And this seems to be the problem… we get lost in thought… we take our thoughts seriously and identify with them, and the feelings they produce…
    Your book will help to get people to connect to the state where we all belong. Effortlessly.
    Love T

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